Equipment Warranty Information

Every product sold or rented by Motion Mobility & Design, Inc. carries a one year (1 year) manufacturer's limited warranty. Motion Mobility & Design will notify all clients of the warranty coverage, and will honor all warranties under applicable law. Motion Mobility & Design, Inc. will repair, replace, free of charge, Medicare covered equipment under this warranty.

In addition, an owners manual with warranty information will be provided to beneficiaries for all durable medical equipment where a manual is available. Additional copies may be available at the equipment manufacturer website.

What to do if Your Equipment Needs Repaired

There are times when some component of your wheelchair or scooter will stop functioning after extended use. The manufacturer of your particular piece of equipment provides a warranty of varying lengths depending on the equipment. Motion Mobility & Design, Inc. will be available to answer any questions you may have should questions arise regarding the warranty.

As a general rule, certain information is required prior to any repairs being completed on the equipment. The following is a list of information and documentation you will need when you call us for any repair issues:

  • A prescription for repairs from your physician including your diagnosis (This can be faxed to us at 330-244-9730)
  • Make and model of your equipment including serial number whenever possible
  • The funding source for the equipment and date of purchase if available
  • Any changes in your personal information such as address, phone number or insurance coverage

What if the Repair is an Emergency

There are cases which constitute an emergency that must be dealt with prior to getting all the information outlined above. An emergency is such that the equipment is completely unable to function with no back-up equipment available, or is functioning in an un-safe manner. In these cases, we will do our very best to address the issue as quickly as possible.

What is Prior Authorization?

Many funding sources require Prior Authorization (PA) prior to completing any repairs. Often times, this requires additional time between the request for repair by the client and completion of the repair. In order to expedite the process, having the above listed information is essential


Repairs are completed as timely as possible. We attempt to service all clients in a particular area in the same timeframe whenever possible. We will make every attempt to service your equipment on the first visit, but many times a quote or information for prior authorization will be completed upon the initial visit. A follow-up visit may be necessary after the authorization and parts have been obtained. A confirmation call will be placed by our service department either the night before or the morning of the date we are scheduled to complete the repairs.

Feel free to contact us for any follow up or questions regarding service to your equipment.